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Pony Parks: Marching Chiefs Drum Major is a Pony by koibitobushi Pony Parks: Marching Chiefs Drum Major is a Pony :iconkoibitobushi:koibitobushi 0 0
Deception p.6
    Sabina followed her brother down a long hallway. Ghilliane followed closely behind. The hall seemed endless, but it was probably because she was so nervous. What would tonight hold?
    "Sabina!" Ghilliane said. "I will see you later tonight. Good luck, and congratulations!"
    Gilliane turned down a different hall while Sabina followed her brother. She asked him what was happening, but his answers were indirect and rather frustrating.
    "Now, don't feel obliged to do anything you don't feel comfortable doing. Anything you don't feel ready to do, you can always do it later. Tonight is about you, about becoming something greater and joining this family. We aren't here to judge you."
    Volkard smiled over his shoulder at Sabina. She looked anxiously at him. She wasn't sure what was in store for her, but she wasn't sure that she would enjoy it.
    "Okay", Volkard squeezed his sister's hand and smiled. "Are you ready?"
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Deception p.5
    Sabina was fiddling with one of the top layers of her attire when someone entered the room.
    "Oh, no! I'm sorry! I shall leave!" said a woman with brown hair. "I hadn't known you had arrived."
    "Please don't leave", Sabina began. "I don't know how to wear this…. This strange shirt." She turned over the garment over in her hands as she examined its hood.  It was obviously part of a set, several layers involved with making the outfit complete. There was an undershirt with long sleeves, to wear over the first shirt, also long sleeved, long pants, and the piece that Sabina was currently messing with.
    "Oh, that is actually two more parts, this is a sort of belt," She unwrapped a large, leather corset-like belt. "And this", the woman separated the waist-belt from the rest of the large cloth. "This is actually the main part of what you wear. It's the hooded coat, it's really long. Here, you put it on over everything, and then put this
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Deception: Chapter 4
    The journey to their new home began the following morning. Sabina never anticipated leaving her home, but she said goodbye to her mother, who would go into hiding, which was not thoroughly explained to Sabina. She collected all of her most personal items and left with her brother and Rikard. She never even got to say goodbye to Milos.
    The trip to the unknown destination took several hours, even on horse. They traveled far into the mountains, and Sabina did not know when or where they would eventually, hopefully, soon arrive.
    The sun was beginning its descent when the trio passed the end of several small mountains, they turned the corner and saw a small castle perched uptown a tall hill. Sabina's jaw dropped. Despite its size, it was a sight, and Sabina hoped sorely to live in it.
    "We are here", said Volkard with a smile. "We are finally home."
    Despite her skeptical mood, she was excited, but remained calm.
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Deception: Chapter 3
    The two men stood in disbelief as they stared at her.
    "No?" Volkard repeated. "You cannot just say 'no', we need you."
    "So", Sabina flared. "My life is no decision of my own? Do you really think you can just come over to me and tell me exactly what in my life I need to do? Determine my future? I shall not take it."
    "Sabina, I do not mean-"
    "Wait", Rikard interrupted. "This is not about you."
    "Excuse me?"
    "NO WAIT" he continued, beginning to panic. "Hear me out, bitte. This is not about you. It is not about me. We need you because it is about the people".
    Sabina continued her glare.
    Rikard's face blanked and he glanced to her brother. "The people..."
    "There are people dying", Volkard began. "Father was protecting innocent people through this organization because there is another group out there who want just the opposite. There are people.... They'r
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Almost There by koibitobushi Almost There :iconkoibitobushi:koibitobushi 0 8 Incomplete Costume by koibitobushi Incomplete Costume :iconkoibitobushi:koibitobushi 0 0 Close to Satisfied by koibitobushi Close to Satisfied :iconkoibitobushi:koibitobushi 0 0 Practice Eyes Closed by koibitobushi Practice Eyes Closed :iconkoibitobushi:koibitobushi 0 0 Sabine Close Up by koibitobushi Sabine Close Up :iconkoibitobushi:koibitobushi 0 0 Young Sabine by koibitobushi Young Sabine :iconkoibitobushi:koibitobushi 0 2 Sabine Profile by koibitobushi Sabine Profile :iconkoibitobushi:koibitobushi 0 0 Sabine Fuchs by koibitobushi Sabine Fuchs :iconkoibitobushi:koibitobushi 0 2
Assassin's Creed: Deception ~part 2
     Eleven years later, Sabine was a beautiful, young woman. She had long, flowing blonde hair that reached for her hips and bright blue eyes that could blend with the beautiful sky. The night that of which stole her father never left her mind, however, she was always a kind heart and a light spirit. 
     She and her brother always were together. He would not let her go anywhere without him. This made them tight as rope, and they were the best of friends. 
     Today, it was warm but breezy, and Sabine and Volkard were out enjoying the festivities of a small festival. There were fresh fruits to purchase, lovely accessories for your hair, and fun toys for small children. Sabine chose a peach colored ribbon for her hair, and let her brother tie her hair back. 
     "You must cease your beauty", Volkard said. "Or else the boys will not leave you be, you would need a stick to fight them off with."
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Assassin's Creed: Deception ~Summary
     The making of a good assassin is sometimes not obvious by the way they act. Sabine Fuchs was a young girl when her father was killed by what Sabine thought to be robbers. After his death, her brother took over the household and was sure to protect Sabine from anything.
     When she turned 18, her life changed for the better. Her brother revealed the true identity of her family; Assassins, and Sabine was destined to become one, like all her blood before her. Though first refusing the offer, Sabine accepted the journey.
     Sabine worked hard to gain higher ranks at a higher rate than the average assassin. After a large Templar hideout raid, she steals a secret weapon: the Apple of Eden. With this triumph, Sabine's fate is revealed to her.
     Sabine was a prophesied assassin that was to become the mentor of her brotherhood. The prophecy foretold that she would be the one to lead t
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Assassin's Creed: Deception ~part 1
She was seven years old when Sabine lost her footing on the world. A strong, handsome family was stripped of its foundation. But the world continued, and the family flourished after the tradgety.
     It was a cool summer night. Sabine's father worked with a theatrical group, so he always left the house in a particular hooded costume. He would kiss his wife, one arm hug his son, and pick Sabine up and spin in a circle before setting her down and kissing her forehead.
     As he headed for the door, he called for his son to follow him to discuss something. As requested, the son trailed outside. Sabine would not have any secrets without her knowing, so she ran out the back door, and hid in some nearby bushes as she approached the front of the house.
     She saw her father and son talking quietly. Every once and awhile, they would fall silent. Their conversation must have been a pretty serious one. But after about
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I know it's been a really long time since I've written anything, and I've been super busy. But I'm gonna get back to writing my story soon, but I'm gonna make a change.

I'm not sure if I fixed it, but Sabine's name was inspired by a little girl I knew battling a cancerous brain tumor, named Sabina. Sabine was much more German than Sabina, but I wanted to tribute her, because I wanted to maybe feel like I was supporting her in her battle with cancer. However, about 2 weeks after beginning my writing journey with this story, I found out that she had passed away, just around the time I began writing.

I felt very awful.... I cried on the way home from my own brain surgeons office, where I found out the news. I stopped writing, probably because I felt bad. But I want to write, so I am now changing the name back from Sabine to Sabina. Because I want to do something real for her, and she was a strong young girl who fought bravely, like the character in my Assassin's Creed story. So, I will try to write more tonight.


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